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What is Machouyou?

Machouyou is the first medical silicone device for all children from 2 years old.
(or from when they have 20 teeth).
Invented by a dental surgeon, Machouyou replaces the thumb, replaces the pacifier and stops the sucking that moves the teeth.

What is it used for ?

Machouyou gently stops sucking, rehabilitates the tongue and balances the muscles of the mouth. It also compensates for the problems associated with our too soft diet. The results are visible in 3 months thanks to the natural repositioning of the baby teeth. Machouyou prepares the mouth for the arrival of permanent teeth and acts in orthodontic prevention.

How it works?

Machouyou was designed so that milk teeth are placed on the buccal plane . The tongue is released and will position itself on the palate. The lips rest on the inclined plane making them competent. Worn with the mouth closed, it develops nasal ventilation . The outer part with the “Machouyou smile” allows you to attach a small ribbon to personalize it and to put a pacifier clip.
From the age of 2, it is normal to stop sucking your thumb or your pacifier. He must give up the bottle and drink from a cup. Ideally, the child should then eat solid foods like adults and use their teeth. The softer modern diet (mash, compotes, sandwich bread, etc.) does not sufficiently solicit the masticatory muscles. The expansion of the jaws is limited and orthodontic and posture problems may appear.

With a pacifier or the thumb, the tongue remains in a low position in infant swallowing. This can lead to speech problems as well as too much force on the teeth pushing them forward. Stopping sucking and switching to a crunchy diet helps to strengthen the tongue in order to take its physiological position on the palate for adult swallowing.



machouyou orangeFrom what age can Machouyou® be used?

Machouyou® is recommended for baby teeth, ideally from 2 to 6 years old.

machouyou orangeCan it be used for thumb stop?

Machouyou® helps weaning from the pacifier AND the thumb. We recommend placing a small piece of tape over the thumb at bedtime to prevent your child from putting their thumb back in their mouth at night.

machouyou orangeCan we sleep with Machouyou®?

Machouyou® is to be used for at least 1 hour a day and at night to fall asleep.

machouyou orangeIs my child not at risk of choking on it? or swallow it?

The size of the Machouyou® is approximately 5 x 5cm. It’s way too big to swallow.

machouyou orangeAren’t we replacing one addiction with another?

Sucking is addictive but with Machouyou® the primary sucking reflex is stopped. The intermediate part of the buccal plane is called STOP-TONGUE because it prevents the muscles of the tongue from resting on the incisors. The tongue being blocked inside and the lips being stimulated outside, infant swallowing sucking is no longer possible. Weaning can be done. We can therefore move on to learning secondary swallowing. There is no chewing addiction.

machouyou orangeMy child does not want Machouyou®, how do I get him to accept it?

This is an important milestone for your child. Introduce him as an evolution towards the world of adults, he will have a big pacifier which will allow him to have pretty teeth. Watch with him the advice of Dentman on our site, the instructions for use and the videos.

machouyou orangeMy child has stopped the pacifier on his own and his teeth are aligned, why use the Machouyou®?

Check that your child’s tongue does not advance between his incisors with each swallow. Sometimes the alignment of the teeth is correct but a gap exists between the upper and lower teeth, creating a gap. Machouyou® can remedy this by using it for 1 hour a day, during calm moments and in the evening to fall asleep.

machouyou orangeHow long does a Machouyou® last?

For weaning 1 Machouyou® will suffice, and for alignment in 3 months a second will surely be useful. If your child takes it for a teething ring, the Machouyou® with a hardness of 50 shores will be damaged very quickly by the bites of the small pointed teeth that are milk teeth!

machouyou orangeHow to use Machouyou®?

It is to be used in replacement of the thumb or the pacifier, minimum 1 hour per day (in split time) and it is to be put on in the evening when falling asleep. All sucking is to be stopped, the morning bottle will be replaced by a solid breakfast and a drink in a glass with spout or a cup.


Sealed Product
As this a medical product, the packaging is sealed for hygiene purposes.
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