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MachouRelax is a  relaxation dental splint for adults.

It consists of a tongue rest, a smooth surface and places the teeth end to end.
In medical silicone – coloring, it is made in France.

MachouRelax is indicated for:

– reduce  snoring  and sleep apnea
– protect teeth from nighttime grinding  (bruxism)  and reduce cervical tension
– helps re-educate the tongue and swallowing  – starter and finisher of orthodontic


Snoring is often due to a low position of the tongue which obstructs the upper airways to the point of causing sleep apnea.

MachouRelax is a mandibular advancement orthosis where the bottom and top teeth are positioned face to face in the same tray, clearing the throat. The tongue rests on the rim at the front of the MachouRelax, thus maintained in a high position.

It allows, night after night, to re-educate the tongue with the tip on the palate.  At the same time, MachouRelax prevents breathing through the mouth and promotes nasal breathing:  this is recommended for better recovery of the body.

With its standard shape and oral plan, MachouRelax helps your teeth  balance by protecting them from the forward thrust of your tongue.

This will be re-educated in the high position. With each swallow, the tongue spreads in contact with the molars, promoting the expansion of the palate. The smooth surface of the MachouRelax allows your teeth to move, which is called  natural tooth alignment.

Grinding your teeth often becomes pathological, leading to headaches, dental pain, loss or fracture of teeth, damaged gums, neck pain.

MachouRelax is a double splint preventing opposing teeth from touching.

It is made of medical silicone (biocompatible) with a hardness of 50 shores to protect the teeth. If you usually grind or clench your teeth at night,  MachouRelax will absorb shocks gently and painlessly, reducing tension.


To be worn in the  evening  when falling asleep and during the night.

In the mouth: closed lips and tongue on the palate, calm breathing through the nose.

The regularity of wearing MachouRelax will ensure the success of the treatment.


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