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Machoukid is a flexible and comfortable splint.

he Machoukid splint works by allowing the child:
– to reposition their jaws,
– to improve their nasal breathing
– to acquire good swallowing skills
– to widen the palate in order to give full space to the permanent teeth.

The use of MACHOUKID can be part of overall care (speech therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, dental surgery, orthodontics, etc.).

Nowadays, too soft a diet, prolonged sucking, stress, etc. are all factors that lead to medical consultations in adolescence.
Children often have back pain (posture), sleep problems, snoring, bruxism, etc.

The causes may be jaw misalignment, mouth breathing, inefficient chewing and a poorly positioned tongue.

MACHOUKID will act in prevention on these issues.


Stop late sucking and re-educate the tongue
MachouKid is invented and patented by a dentist. Its soft silicone mouth surface , without thermoforming, adapts to all mouths. Positioning the tongue on the tongue rest helps stop the addiction to sucking.

Machoukid will straighten my teeth?
With its standard shape and oral plan, Machoukid helps your teeth balance by protecting them from the forward thrust of your tongue . This will be re-educated in the high position. With each swallow, the tongue spreads in contact with the molars, promoting the expansion of the palate. The smooth surface of the MachouKid allows your teeth to move, which is called natural tooth alignment.

Protect my teeth from grinding?
Grinding your teeth often becomes pathological, leading to headaches, dental pain, loss or fracture of teeth, damaged gums, neck pain. Machoukid is a double splint preventing opposing teeth from touching. It is made of medical silicone (biocompatible) with a hardness of 50 shores to protect the teeth. If you grind or clench your teeth at night, Machoukid will absorb shock gently and painlessly, reducing tension.


To be worn at night and 1 hour  per day during activities (coloring, reading, homework, etc.).
This time can be split up during the day.

In the mouth  : the  machouKid inscription  must be on the top.
1/  Place the upper teeth first and gently slide the lower teeth into the tray.
2/  Close the lips and place the tongue in contact with the palate.
3/  Breathe calmly through your nose, clench your teeth to swallow the saliva.
The regularity of wearing machouKid will ensure the success of the treatment.
It is recommended to wear it for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Extra information

In coloring medical silicone, it is made in France.
Certain effects can be felt from the first use:

  • Sensitivity of teeth upon waking, disappears in a few minutes.
  • Hypersalivation and gag reflex revealing poor tongue positioning.
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