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It helps you find the ideal position for pain-free breastfeeding

The U-shape surrounds the waist and you can decide the firmness yourself by inflating the cushion more or less. Liberty allows you to find your position immediately. No more sagging or soft cushions.

A super comfortable and washable cover made of Oeko-tex certified fabrics.

Transportable, it allows you to keep the same comfort everywhere

It inflates and deflates in seconds thanks to its quick release valve. The top is flat to prevent baby from rolling in and out of the cushion.

Once deflated, it can be stored in its pouch. It doesn’t take up any space and fits in your maternity suitcase or changing bag.


A cushion like a cocoon, which also allows you to put your child down or sit him or her down to take a breather.


Mumade deposited at the INPI and tested in laboratory its Liberty cushion to guarantee you safety, resistance and comfort (Decree 91-1292 of the 21/12/1991 relative to the prevention of the risks resulting from the use of the articles of child care).

These tests certify that it does not contain any materials or components that are toxic to health and that it can withstand a pressure of up to 10 kilos.

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